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cultplanet said: Tell me some sweet, sweet things about Darnell. 8V


I’ve had Darnell around since late ‘09 and he’s probably my most developed character at this point. He was originally for an OCT and since gained his own story. 

He hasn’t changed terribly much since his inception! He’s grown, definitely. I’ve learned more about his childhood, how he’s handled his life up to where he is, and he’s even got a job now! Pretty good since he was created wandering aimlessly around a forest. His story, False Façade, is currently being written and I’m happy with the direction it has taken since it was first started. I find him to be my most interesting character by far and never get tired of playing with him.


Fanart I did for the False Facade cast!

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This is so awesome that I can’t keep it to the False Facade blog. EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF AMAZING.

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Since this week’s page had to be scrapped, have some Darnell instead.

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